standard data service

SVADSS offers standard packages for online data management, which differ mainly by the transmission technology used.
The retrieval of the measuring data is performed 4 times a day, unless otherwise agreed. The data is available online immediately after the transmission..


  • automatic data transmission via SVADSS Data Integration box via mobile communications


  • automatic data transmission via SVADSS Data Integration box over existing LAN / WLAN provided by the customer


  • Manual data delivery / upload by the customer

standard features

  • automatic or manual data recording up to 10 sensors, optionally extendable with additional sensors.
  • Storing the data in SQL database on SVADSS-own server
  • Standard visualization over selectable period
  • automatic validation of minimum, maximum and delta errors
  • Current sensor status
  • Standard statistics: sums and averages, minimum and maximum on day, week, month, year...
  • Data downloads as a csv file by customers or authorized employees of the Customer

maturities of standard packages

  • packages with 1, 2 or 5 years, terminable annually after expiry
  • on demand the data remains available online for another 12 months. For a small fee, this period can be extended to any agreed length.