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SVADSS was founded in 2013.

Two of the company founders of SVADSS, a scientist and a software engineer who developed software modules and database models for research institutions for over ten years, discussed for many years the vulnerabilities of modern research in the field of data managment of research projects and measuring equipment:

  • The long-term availability and interoperability of measurement / research data is essential for modern science.
  • Modern data management has been and is often stepchild in the planning and establishment of small and large test facilities.
  • The variety of manufacturers of sensors, data loggers and measurement devices complicate formation of homogeneous data repositories.
  • Capacities, possibilities and know-how in the IT sector is limited in research departments or are often cumbersome.

It often follows:

  • Scientists and researchers spend a lot of time and energy for the provision, treatment and management of their data.
  • Smaller research projects or measuring devices are most affected.

To meet these challenges, they decided to look for an experienced web developer as a partner. Together they founded a company that offers operators of smaller and medium-sized test facilities the opportunity to use a modern data management and to use their energy for scientific activities.